Individual coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is meant for business owners, managers, team leaders, department heads or those who are about to assume a managerial role the first time. In our coaching sessions, I help you to (re-)define your role, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. For me, executive coaching should not only improve your performance but also increase your satisfaction and a create a deeper sense of purpose in everything you do. Topics we work on might include self-management, personal vision, leadership, work-life balance, burn-out prevention and resilience in stressful times.

Personal Development

Coaching for personal development is always helpful if you feel stuck somewhere in your life, wonder why you repeatedly find yourself in situations you are not intending to create or if you are longing for more or something else in life. I help you to get unblocked, re-discover your strength and resources and support you to move towards your dream.

We will work on expanding your self-awareness and understanding for yourself. You will come to terms with your shadow sides and create the inner peace we all need to embrace life. Together we discover the greatness in you and unleash your full potential.

How we would work together:

Over time…

Meaningful change takes time and energy with regular reflection and sometimes with deeper work. Our joint sessions will create the time and space for this process, and I will accompany you with helpful impulses, exercises and encouragement to stay on track. At the beginning of the journey, we identify your objectives and jointly develop a coaching plan for the coming weeks. Typically, a coaching process takes 8-10 sessions over the course of 3-4 months.


I work both in person and online. Individual sessions via zoom, skype or your preferred digital tool can be just as effective as meeting in person and it opens doors for more flexibility in time and place.

Free trials…

I always offer a free consultations to get to know each other. You can use this time to learn more about how I work, and I can understand better how I can help you. After this, we decide whether and how we will work together.

Workshops, Groups and Seminars

I offer live workshops, coaching groups or seminars/webinars on personal leadership, resilience, work-life balance and organization development. For upcoming events please see below and follow me on facebook or linkedin for updates.


4th International Organization Development Course

offered in cooperation with Como Consult, Germany (April – December 2022)

Find more details here!

Registration closed: booked out

17.-19. September 2022

Strengthen Your Resilience – for more serenity and balance in your life

A 2-days online workshop to discover the deeper meaning of resilience and how to lead with it – yourself and others.
Workshop in German – in cooperation with Andrea Persau, Spielraum-gestalten;

What is it about?

Resilience is the path to greater inner strength and serenity – at work, in private, in times of uncertainty, stress or change. Studies from psychology and resilience-research show how certain “resilience factors” strengthen the “immune system of the soul” and allow us to find our way back into balance more easily.

In the workshop you will learn

  • how to recognize your own resilience factors;
  • what your tendencies are under stress and what drives you unconsciously;
  • how you can quickly find your way back into balance.

For whom is it?

The webinar is for executives who would like to find new ways to live, work and lead with more serenity and balance. Those who want to continue the journey have the opportunity to join a subsequent coaching program to deepen  resilience and create lasting change in the way you lead – yourself and others. 

Find more details here!

Registration: Until 9. September 2022:

26. September – 25. October 2022

Resilience Coaching Group

What is it about?

5-weeks coaching group to deepen your resilience and create lasting change in how you approach challenging situations (follow-on program to the webinar, in German only)

For whom is it?

The coaching group is for the participants of the webinar who would like to deepen their resilience and create lasting change in the way they lead – themselves and others.


Weekly sessions between 26. September 2022 and 25. October 2022; 
1st session on Monday, 26. September 2022, 16:00 – 18:00 (Central European Time)
2nd – 5th session: every Tuesday, 16:00 – 18:00 (Central European Time)
Final session on 25. October 2022

Registration and costs

Registration until 22. September 2022
Costs: 580,- EUR pP to be paid after successful registration

April 2023 – December 2023

5th Int. Organization Development Course 2023

9-months training for managers and consultants dealing with organization development and change processes

What is it about?

This course will equip you with the needed know-how and skills to accompany or lead change processes within organizations. It will provide you with 

  • insights into the profession of organization development and its various areas for application, 
  • a solid foundation by understanding different schools and theories of organization development, social systems and systemic approaches to change
  • know-how of OD by learning about OD consulting elements such as clarification of objectives and roles, planning of interventions and process design,
  • skills and experience by applying different techniques in organization development – especially process consultation – in real project settings.
  • personal growth by developing your own personality as organization development practitioner, be it as a manager, internal advisor or external consultant.

The course uses an international standard curriculum developed by Como Consult, a German company that is specialized in Organization Development and has assisted change projects in more than 80 countries in Europe, Asia, The Americas and Africa.

For whom is it?
Entry requirements are a minimum of 5 years work experience in an advisory or managerial position, a well-developed self-awareness and the readiness to engage in further growth.
Participants will receive an international certification as Organization Development Practitioner from COMO Consult, Germany.


Registration until 17. March 2023; for more information and early bird registration, feel free to contact me anytime before that!

Organization Development

Organization Development is a process to make your organization ready for current and upcoming challenges, tailored to the exact needs of your organization. People, contexts, goals and needs change constantly. Your organization has to adapt. In an organization development process I guide you and your team through phases of identifying your status quo and your goals for the future; designing the right interventions and implementing changes successfully. We look at structures, processes, customer relations, forms of cooperation and communication flows.

For whom is it?

For business owners or managers who want to make their company ready for the future, for further growth, to tackle challenges ahead or to improve performance of your teams; 
For teams and organizations in the profit or non-profit world who want to develop themselves, increase efficiency and effectiveness, ensure organizational health and become more impactful.