My Approach

I work

  • systemically – always keeping the whole in sight. Because the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
  • solution-focused – helping my clients to tap into their resources to move beyond obstacles to reach their goals.
  • Gestalt-based – supporting my clients in finding their own ways, staying authentic and true to themselves. This is the only path for meaningful and sustainable change.

My motto:

“Change occurs when you become who you are and not when you try to become what you are not.” (A. Beisser)

In my coaching, you will discover exciting new sides of yourself and increase your self-awareness. You will see what is possible if you let go of inner struggles, conflicts or regrets. You will find strength in accepting weaknesses and move forward. You’ll learn to live in coherence with your needs and wishes. You’ll find the energy to change and live your dreams.

When we unleash our full potential, we not only change ourselves, we also change the world.

What is Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is a creative approach to explore your situation and your being in the world. This humanistic therapy was founded by Fritz and Lore Perls, German psychoanalysts who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1940s.  “Gestalt” is a German term for a figure or pattern that emerges from the background and that you chose to take into focus. Gestalt therapy works with this mechanism to find out how you create and repeat certain situations, what unconscious patterns drive you to sometimes unwanted results and how old stories still influence your current circumstances.

A Gestalt process aims at increasing your self-awareness and enlarging your repertoire of behavioral options. This is how you regain freedom to make choices that are beneficial for you.

Another core principle of Gestalt Therapy is to strengthen our ability to make contact with your inner and outer world. When you are in good contact with yourself, you sense your deeper needs that want to be fulfilled. If we ignore our needs for too long, we are in constant struggle and not able to relate to our environment successfully. Therefore, knowing yourself and what you need is the starting point for every development journey.

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